Saturday, December 11, 2010

bougainvillea bonsai - beginning stage

Bougainvillea (Bambino Zulu)
I have many bougainvilleas in my collection as they lend themselves well to bonsai and are one of the hardiest plants. As they age, they develop rough textured bark which enhances them but nothing beats seeing them with the full flush of "flowers" (the coloured blooms are not actually flowers...the flowers are actually much smaller and in the centre of these blooms).

This one has been cut back and thinned out and some initial wiring done to get it is shape. This was done at the beginning of spring and it is now being allowed to grow out again with constant pruning to keep unwanted growth in check. As this has just been transferred into a bonsai pot and the roots pruned, I will wait until next season to start reducing the leaf size to match the size of the "tree". This bonsai currently stands around 25cm in height. I'll keep updating this blog with updates to this tree.

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